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AJ sold for $30,000 Canadian!
Alpine Junction
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The Cyberstable is a partnership formed, in 1996, through the Internet, to own and race standardbred horses. We've just purchased 25% shares in two new 2 year olds in training for Stew Firlotte, winner of 5 Breeders Crown races; Dorothy Lamatt and Alpine Junction. We started, in 1997, with 2 two year old Beach Towel fillies. Beach Guest, a stakes winner, became the 3rd fastest 2yo Beach Towel Filly, had modest success as a 3 year old and was sold for breeding. Pensive Princess didn't race and was sold as a broodmare.

The Cyberstable also has a 20% interest in Cyber Beach, the cornerstone of the Email Stable.

The members of the stable are from New York, New Jersey, Washington D.C., New Hampshire, Michigan, California and Ontario.

Feb. 20, 2000 - DL progressing well

DL jogged through January, building her wind and muscles up after having had a 2 month rest. She began to go single training miles every other day during the first week of February, and this week has been doing "doubles" (two trips - the first in @ 2:35 and the second in 2:25). This pattern will continue for the next while, as DL goes a little faster each week.

Stew says her throat has been fine, and he hasn't heard any noise or 'roaring' from her. DL's attitude toward her work has been very good - "That's one of the reasons we kept her" - and she has been sound.

Nov. 9 - DL goes to the lead, finishes 6th - AJ sold!

At 27-1 Dorothy went to the front and held the lead through moderate fractions into the stretch when she tired a bit to finish 6th by 3 lengths to a 1:59.2.

And Alpine Junction leaves us with memories of three in a row after a rough year. AJ fetched $30,000 Canadian. Good bye and good luck AJ!

Oct. 25 - DL won't roll ... up the track again

She raced free legged tonight and, according to reports, looked sharp. But she didn't leave and backed up through the race to be ninth by 20 lengths.

Oct. 22 - AJ on a roll ... takes third in a row!

The track was heavy, hence the race time. AJ, as 3-1 third choice, left off the gate enough that it looked like he'd get the three-hole, but that spot closed up around the first turn, and McLean looked like he'd be hung. He moved AJ with a pretty good burst, and got the lead past the 1/4 (31.4). From there, our guy hung tough through fractions of 1:04.1; 1:36, and home by 1/2 length in 2:07.3. The last half of 1:03.2 was the third-fastest on the card; a very gutsy race against older horses under daunting conditions.

1 MILE, PACE, PURSE $3,500. N/W $4000. LIFETIME (F & M $6000.)
4   Alpine Junction    4    3@/3    1/1H    1/1H    1/1      1/H 
2   Easter Holiday     2    1/1H    3/1H    3/2H    3/1Q     2/H 
5   Kooters Carrey     5    2/1H    2@/1H   2@/1H   2/1      3/2Q 
1   Stetson Seelster   1    5/5Q    4@/3H   4@/3H   4/2Q     4/5H
etc. etc 
Time: 31.4, 1:04.1, 1:36, 2:07.3 (Temperature: 5 Condition: HY)

Oct. 15 - AJ again!

AJ was a pretty easy winner again at Elmira. The mile went in 2:04, and he sat the 2-hole after challenging for the early lead. I think he came down the passing lane for the victory.

Oct. 1 - AJ breaks maiden at Elmira! DL races well to a 3rd!

AJ dominated the field, cutting the whole mile in a jog-burger. MacLean never took the whip off his shoulder, and he went his first quarter parked in 29.3 and his last 1/4 in 30.1 to win by open lengths.

1 MILE, PACE, PURSE $3,000. N/W $2000. LIFETIME (F & M $3000.)
2   Alpine Junction    2    1@/1    1/1H    2/NS    1/Q      1/1
1   Northern Front     1    2/1     2/1H    3/1H    3/1T     2/1
5   Village Transit    5    5/9     5@/4Q   4@/2    4/2Q     3/2
7   Canadian Victor    7    6/11H   6/5T    6/5     6/6Q     4/5H
etc, etc, etc
Time: 29.3, 1:02, 1:33, 2:03.1 (Temperature: 8 Condition: FT)
DL raced VERY impressively tonight. Throw out the fractions ... she left third ... retook to the lead at the half, and held off a challenger to the 3/4's. Down the lane she actually came back on to beat the inside horse for third. Game effort.
8   Daylon Frisky      7    9I/13Q  8/11    6@@/5H  4/2      1/1
10  Funnywhiteshoes    9    6@/8T   4@/6    2@/1Q   2/NS     2/1
1   Dorothy Lamatt     1    3/3     1/2     1/1Q    1/NS     3/2Q
5   Cmon Cmon          4    1/1T    2/2     3/1H    3/T      4/2H
9   Jls Ballerina      8    8X/11Q  9/13T   8@/6T   6/6      5/4
6   Indian Jate        5    2@/1T   3/4     4/3H    5/4      6/4Q
etc etc
Time: 28.3, 58.3, 1:28.1, 1:58 (Temperature: 12 Condition: FT)

Sept. 24 - DL finishes back again

DL threw in another "stinker" on Friday, finishing 8th in the 9-horse field. She left out a little bit, but faded steadily through the pack ... pacing her own mile in 1:58.4.

Sept 14 - Alpine Junction 6th

Alpine Junction showed little; the chart tells it all.

Horse                 PP    1/4     1/2     3/4     Stretch  Finish 
8   Whiskey Jack       7    1@/1    2/1T    3/2     2/1      1/T 
6   Work Of Art        6    2/1     3/3T    5/3H    3/2      2/T 
1   Gehrig             1    4/3     5/5     4@/3    4/2Q     3/3 
10  Yankee Metro       9    3@/2    1/1T    1/1     1/1      4/3T
9   Captain Zoom       8    9/13    7/10    7/6H    7/5Q     5/4T
2   Alpine Junction    2    5/5     6/7     6@/4H   6/5      6/5 
Time: 29.1, 58.4, 1:28.2, 1:57.3 (Temperature: 18 Condition: SY)
Dorothy Lamatt
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Sept 6 - Dorothy Lamatt closes a ton; 3rd!

Dorothy Lamatt raced a HUGE mile tonight, and finished third in the 1:57 mile. 17 lengths back at the half she still sat last to just before the 3/4's, and then started passing horses on the last turn - she stayed game throughout the last quarter. Check the chart for the big move. Partners onsite thought she was 3-4 lengths back.

5   Matter Of Style    4    1/1     2/1     2@/H    1/1Q     1/1T
1   Canyon Road        1    3/2T    1@/1    1/H     2/1Q     2/1T 
10  Dorothy Lamatt     9    9/15    9/17    7@/7T   6/6H     3/5T
Time: 28.2, 57.2, 1:27.3, 1:57 (Temperature: 25 Condition: FT)

August 30 - DL, AJ in encouraging efforts

ALPINE JUNCTION is coming around; he left well (:28.3) - and came his last half in :59 ... race-timed in 1:56.3. Coming down the lane, Doug had to weed his way through some failing horses, and AJ lost a bit of momentum, finishing 7th, beaten 6 lengths. But all-in-all, it was a very strong outing ... especially when considering that the colt has not raced in three weeks.

DOROTHY LAMATT also had not raced in three weeks, and put in a very good showing the night before last - she paced her first and last quarters individually in :28.4, and was race-timed in 1:57.2; sixth in the 1:55.4 mile.

August 10 - DL, AJ still far back

Yesterday for DL, today for AJ saw similar results, both horses got away 5th eventually fading to 8th by 8 lengths.

July 20 - DL, AJ show little

On Monday, running with 2 YO fillies, DL raced 7th all around the track, getting as close as 9 lengths and finishing 12 back timed in 1.58:3. On Tuesday, with 2 YO colts/geldings, AJ actually closed to 5 lengths at the 3/4 before fading to 7th by 8 lengths in 1.56.4.

July 1 - AJ races at the back

Doug was careful with AJ, leaving last and never pushing, finishing 7th by 16 to a 1:56.4.

June 29 - DL fades badly

Dorothy actually did get to the top at the half, then went backwards and was last by 23 to a 1:58.2 in her leg of the Maiden.

June 19 - DL schooler goes well

DL went her individual mile in 2:02.4, sitting fifth all the way, the only filly in the field. Fractions were 31.4; 1:02.1; 1:32.1 and 1:59.4. Doug got her individual last half in 59, and last quarter in 29. (The other FILLY schoolers went in 2:03.4- with last fractions of 1:01.4-29.4 ... 2:01.2 -59.3 -29.1 ... and 2:02.1 -59.4 -29.1 --- so DOT was competitive with "her own"). And ALPINE JUNCTION is being slated for a qualifier on Tuesday.

June 6 - Relaxing in the northlands

DOROTHY LAMATT and ALPINE JUNCTION are back in Canada, and have not (yet) come down with the annual virus that has hit ship-ins in the past.

May 31 - Northward Ho!

The two youngsters should be in Canada this week prepping for qualifiers over the next few weeks. DL has trained in 2:04, AJ in 2:07 and both, Stew feels, are "doing well'. A historical note is that BG first raced on June 17th.

mid-April - We're getting there

Both have both been in 2:15, and Stew reports they have been going about their business well. Stew will be shipping up to Canada on May 15, but is not looking to qualify until some time in June.

March 28 - Moving Right Along

Dorothy has been training well, in the 2:20 range. She continues to kick, particularly when she first gets on the track, but then gets down to business.

AJ had his curb cryo'd on Wednesday. He will be back jogging on Tuesday, and will miss very little time. He's been at 2:30.

February 23 - Cyberstable youngsters promising

Alpine Junction came down with a bit of a virus, but was "kicking down the barn" - so Stew figured better to jog him lightly ... Stew describes him as a good feeler, and says he is a very good gaited horse.

Dorothy Lamatt is doing very well. She wears no boots, and is very clean in her gait. She - like AJ - has a lot of spunk, and a good attitude.

By the way, our old friend Beach Guest put in an awesome mile last week finishing 2nd at the big M in her first non-cyber start.

February 6, 1999 - Cyberstable moves ahead

Following a brief discussion, the cyberstable partners have unanimously agreed to re-invest the funds from Beach Guest's sale into 25% of two new prospects ... Dorothy Lamatt ... and Alpine Junction.

January 25, 1999 - Beach Guest sells for $30,000

Beach Guest sold for $30,000 today. David Mears III bought our girl for Walnridge Farms. but, before being bred to Riyadh or Jate Lobell, she will be racing for a while out of the Carl Conte barn. The Cyberstable partners wish BG's new connections all the best that mother luck can bring. You have a nice one here :-))

BG seventh at the BIG M - Last Cyberstable start

Beach Guest was taken back seventh for O'Donnell, and remained there til the top of the lane. But soft early fractions and a 57 flat last half were not conducive to BG's style, and she could only manage a seventh place finish. On to the Garden State sale.

January 8, 1999 - BG comes last 1/4 in 27.3 - for naught

Taken off the early pace, Beach Guest came an individual last quarter in :27.3, but still finished seventh - five lengths off the 1:56.2 mile. This is her last Canadian start for us.

December 31st - BG second to close out the year

Beach Guest came first-over again, tucked in at the head of the lane, then came back out in deep stretch against heavy winds to finish second by a length. The temperature on this New Year's eve was 18F.

December 22nd - BG cuts mile - finishes third

Beach Guest left the wings in :28, then removed to the lead and cut the rest of the mile. In the end, she finished third by a length, after fighting a huge headwind on this 19F degree night.

December 17th - BG first up to 1:25 3/'s

Beach Guest came first over to the 1:25 3/4's, and got the lead at the top of the lane before fading to seventh - though only beaten 6 lengths in the 1:55.2 mile; the fastest mile of the card, on this cold (27 F.) night.

Dec. 10 - Beach Guest Parked First Over

Beach Guest raced a very strong mile again this week. Doug was sixth at the 1/4 out of the 8-hole, and still sixth and moving - though 8 lengths off at the half. Surprisingly, no-one pulled to give our filly cover, and she ended up coming first over. To make matters worse, Condren backed off the 3rd quarter, and hit that panel in a pedestrian 1:29.

The 28.1 final quarter was the fastest on the card, and though BG had every reason to "pack it in" she Guest held on for third in the gritty mile, only beaten two lengths (passed by the favorite in the stretch).

October 8 - Beach Guest Cuts Mile - Finishes 4th

Doug Brown was back in the bike on Beach Guest tonight, and promptly took her off the gate to the lead just past the 1/4. After being overtaken shortly thereafter, Brown removed to the top at the half, and remained there until deep stretch. There, BG faltered, and was passed by three of her foes.

October 1 - Beach Guest 2nd in 1:54.4

Stephane Bouchard drove Beach Guest to a strong second at Mohawk tonight. BG was hustled out of the nine hole, and into the "garden spot" behind heavily favoured Miss Lex. There she stayed through fractions of :27.2 ... :56.3 ... 1:25.3 ... 1:54.4. However, BG got out late in the stretch and just missed the win by 1/2 length.

September 10 - No Chance For Beach Guest

Beach Guest left sixth in the :27.2 first quarter, and was shuffled to ninth in the slow :58.1 half. The winner paced home in :56.3, and Beach Guest had no chance, though she closed to sixth - timed in 1:56.1.

September 3 - Beach Guest Fifth

Beach Guest was 8th and 9th throughout the mile (:26.3, :56.1, 1:25, 1:54.1), and closed seven lengths in the stretch to finish fifth, beaten four lengths.

August 21 - Beach Guest last in Fan Hanover elimination.

Doug left with her, sitting third behind the eventual winner and place finisher (Undercover Lover N. and Armbro Rosebud) - but she began to tire at the 3/4's, and faded to last, 25 lengths off the pace. The first two fillies were awesome as the race went in 1:51:4!

August 14 - Beach Guest 5th in the Adioo Volo

Beach Guest left 6th, and second last, to a :28 opening quarter, and was about ten lengths off at the :57.2 half. The leaders, Natchitoches and Pan Yankees stretched their leads with final panels of :28.4 and :27.4, and Beach Guest finished fifth in the 1:54 mile. Though beaten 11 lengths, Beach Guest missed finishing third by only 3/4 length.

July 30 - BG short

Beach Guest raced last through fractions of :26.4; :55.3; 1:23.3, and could not make up a huge deficit in the :29.4 last quarter - finishing sixth by about three lengths. She came the last quarter in 28 and a bit and will get timed in 1:54.1 or so.

July 23 - BG bothered by breaking horse ... finishes 6th

BG was racing well under live cover when Mattadona pulled, then broke, and, apparently, causing BG to lose interest. She did put in a 1:55 and did close in the stretch.

July 19 - BG short in the stretch.

Beach Guest made an early move to reach the top comfortably in a 29 first quarter. She set the fractions to the 3/4 mark in 1:26 but got caught in the final strides by unheralded Little Scoot in 1:54.2.

July 2 - big first over effort leaves BG short

Beach Guest left out of the one hole ... to be fourth at the 26.3 quarter. She pulled just past the half in 55.3, and collared the leader with a first-over move at the 3/4's (1:25.1). BG cleared in the stretch, but the 1st-up move took its toll, and she finished third by three lengths, timed in 1:54.2.

June 25 - This stretch move is short

Away sixth in the 9 horse nw4rLT field, Beach Guest began her outside journey before the half. Fifth at the 3/4 she came strong down the stretch for the show position (probably in 54.0) as Cirque was too strong wiring the field in 1:53.3 over Apache's Fugitive.

June 18 - Another monster move to win in lifetime best!

BG again!
BG in lifetime best!! Photo courtesy of Clive Cohen.
Away seventh in the 9 horse nw4rLT field, Beach Guest began a long outside journey at the half. Sixth at the 3/4 but only by three she literally flew down the stretch in 27:3 to take Apache's Fugitive by a head in 1:54.3; a new lifetime mark!

June 11 - A monster down the stretch - 26.4!

BG moved up to nw4rLT and the field showed it. She left a little but still was tenth at the 3/4, and three wide and more as they straightened out but then she roared home in 26.4 to finish third by a length to Apache Fugitive and Cirque.

June 2 - Three wide and flying Again!

BG, out of the 8, trailed the field to the 3/4. She went 3 wide on the last turn into a strong wind for a 29 second last quarter (fastest of night) to storm to a 2nd, 1 length behind Royal Gala.

May 26 - Three wide and flying! Lifetime best of 1:55.3

BG, out of the 5, left a leisurely sixth again. Again,near the 3/4 she pulled three wide around the stalling cover and, despite a strong run on the inside by Royal Gala, BG stayed up for a new lifetime mark.

May 19 - Beach Guest is awesome!! Wins by 6.

BG's blowout!
BG by 6!! Photo courtesy of Clive Cohen.
BG, out of the trailing 9 hole, left a leisurely sixth to a 28.1 quarter. Doug pulled her second over just before the half, reached by Little Roberta (who beat BG last year) in :58.4. Doug pulled three wide around the stalling cover, and BG and Roberta raced as a team to the 3/4's in 1:26.3 ... pounding out a :27.4 panel (BG went in :27.2). BG cleared by the 3/4 pole, and paced home in :29.1 to win for fun equalling her lifetime mark of 1:55.4f.

May 12 - Beach Guest closes a ton for a 3rd in 1:55.3f.

May 5 - Beach Guest is back!! - takes 3-yo debut in a lifetime best 1:55.4f.

BG's 1998 debut
BG takes 1998 debut at Mohawk. Photo courtesy of Clive Cohen.
At Mohawk BG left fourth on the wood through a :28.1 quarter. Doug moved her second over behind the favorite, Shes No Fool, which had broken and regained stride just past the quarter and sat second-over past the half in :58.2. In the backstretch, Doug tipped three wide and cleared the lead by the 3/4's in 1:27.2. She came home on cruise control in 28.2.

End-March 1998 - Beach Guest progressing well.

Mid October 1997 - Beach Guest in Florida; training begins on January 1st. Pensive Princess sold.

Sept. 18, October 11 - Beach Guest finishes her year with two more uninspired efforts in the Trillium

Sept. 11 - Beach Guest an uninspired 6th in her Harvest division.

Sept. 4 - Beach Guest cuts the early fractions but fades in the stretch

After cutting the fast fractions to the 3/4 in 1:26.2 our girl faded badly in the stretch to finish a disappointing 7th.

August 19 - Beach Guest 3rd to 156.3

Beach Guest took back to a 26.1 quarter ... had lots of traffic being 3 and 4 wide part of the time. Doug Brown indicates she raced well and should have won with decent race flow.

August 2 - Beach Guest takes Trillium Division!!

BG's Trillium win
A stakes winner! Click for a larger shot. Photo courtesy of Clive Cohen.
Here's the blow by blow. She was parked fourth to the 1/4 (:28), then as she was about to get the lead, Barnyard Dance (who had outbrushed her leaving) pulled out from under her just before the half (:57). BG finally cleared just past the half, and immediately got pushed by Secret Date to the 3/4's (1:26) but nobody got close, as she held off Barnyard Dance by two in 1:56.3.

July 22 - Pensive Princess Qualifies

Randy Waples drove Pensive Princess in a qualifier today; she was a bit "hot". She cut fractions of 29.2; 59.2; 1:30.2, then faded to third in the 2:01 mile. Her individual time was 2:01.4.

June 23 - The first of many!!!

BG's first win
It's Beach Guest! Photo courtesy of Clive Cohen and New Image Media.
Out of the 8-hole BG got to the rail fourth at the 1/4 (:27.4). Just past the 1/4, Doug pulled her and moved on up. Jameison (in front), pulled the brakes on White Run Witch, and Waples popped out of the two hole, making our filly check up enough to put in a bad step. But she motored on, got the lead, and went to the front before the 1/2 (:58) and jogged to the 1:56.1 mile. She is now the 3rd fastest 2yo Beach Towel filly!!

June 21 - The Princess qualifies

Pensive Princess had a bizarre trip this morning but the bottom line she qualified second with fractions of :30.4 ; 1:01.1 ; 1:31.2 ; 2:02. She spent a fair amount of time in front and three wide so stylish it was not.

June 17 - Beach Guest a solid 3rd

BG had the 6 hole with Tom Strauss and stablemate Almahurst Devilish in the seven with Doug Brown. The fractions were :28.4; :59.3; 1:29.3 and 1:58. We were sixth at the 1/4 (:28.4), probably 7 lengths out ... sixth at the half (:59.3) and 10 lengths back. Doug sat seventh with Devilish, and pulled and we came first over down the stretch stride for stride with Devilish. At the end, Devilish drew off by a couple, and we were third.

June 7

Beach Guest did her thing today. "... a PERFECT schooler; on the gate, well mannered, she burst to the front, and was on top easily before the eighth pole. Another horse took and BG sat the pocket past a 1:01.3 half. Down the lane she came on strong, without urging, to close to 1 1/2 lengths in 2:00.4."

May 21

Pensive Princess is below 2:05 off a 1:04 half mile. Stew Firlotte is back in Canada and the fillies will arrive next week.

May 11

Beach Guest continues quietly about her business. She just went in 2:08; last half was in :58, matching quarters in :29. Again, Stew is pleased with her progress.

Pensive Princess has been has been in 2:07 with similar fractions to those reported for BG (1:09, :58, :29, :29) and continues to want to go faster. She still is a rambunctious girl and her speed could come to naught if it cannot be controlled.

May 6

Partners Pat and Dave Miller visited the girls. They reported that Beach Guest had trained down to 2:10 and that "she is quite the 'lover' and likes a lot of attention; a real sweetie"!

Pensive went in 2:08 but did act up for them. Nonetheless they report that "she looks like a bulldog does not want to be passed"!

April 26

Pensive has been in 2:12, and Stew continues to report she has a pile of speed. She is still VERY aggressive when in with others but Stew is impressed with her gait and ability.

Beach Guest is fully recovered from her virus of two weeks ago, and has been repeating miles in 2:15ish since she returned to training. Stew really likes her attitude, temperment, and general personality.

March 24

The fillies have both been in 2:16. Pensive Princess apparently WANTS to go 2:00, and Stew continues to train her on her own.

Beach Guest is getting more and more athletic and agile each day, and both fillies are unstressed by the work...so far.

March 10

Both fillies have been trained in 2:20 without undue effort. All systems are sound and we are on schedule.

Pensive Princess is very aggressive, probably attributable to her mother as Jate Lobell fillies tend to be 'hot'. Plans are to work her by herself for awhile to calm her down some. Beach Guest is a very big 2-year-old and is losing her early awkwardness.

Whitby, Ontario, Canada
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