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Nobody Again! - 8/12

Nobody's Girl is a Run The Table, one of the best sires ever in Ontario, and out of a maternal line that has produced top stakes horses - and sires - going back three generations. Take a brief look at her pedigree, and see what you think.

Nobody sold!

Sept. 23 - NG 7th

NG finished 7th on Thursday at Kawartha Downs, but was only beaten 4 lengths, and showed some desire in the last half. She scoped out well after the race, in that her lungs were relatively clear.

Sept. 16 - NG finishes back, bleeds

Nobodys Girl was a poor 7th Thursday night, timed in 2:02-1. Plus she bled after the race, so is off for a while.

Sept. 9 - NG breaks, finishes back

Aug. 19 - NG finishes back, has infection

NG finished 8th to a 1:57, wasscoped after, has a throat infection with lotsa mucous on the lungs, will be treated and turned out.

Aug. 12 - NG wins again

NOBODYS GIRL cut the mile at Kawartha Downs, and made every fraction a winning one. The time for the mile was a pedestrian 2:02 - winning by a comfortable 3 lengths. Here are the top lines:


Horse                 PP    1/4     1/2     3/4     Stretch  Finish
3   Nobodys Girl       3    1/1H    1/T     1/1Q    1/1T     1/3
9   Mamma Dont Allow   9    6/7     8/5     8@@/6H  5/6Q     2/3
7   Lynns Swinger      7    7/8Q    9/6Q    5@@/4T  4/5T     3/3H
5   Wishforamiracle    5    3/2H    2@/T    2/1Q    2/1T     4/4H 
Time: :28.2, 1:00.2, 1:30.3, 2:02

June 29 - Nobody makes big move, breaks

NG sitting 4th at the half began an outside trip that put her second and flying but she broke in the stretch.

1 MILE, PACE, PURSE $7,700.
Horse                 PP    1/4     1/2     3/4     Stretch  Finish
1   Bye Bye Bubba      1    5/6T    7/10T   8/9Q    7/8Q     1/H
9   Mark Of Esteem     9    8@/8H   6@/9T   5@/4Q   4/2H     2/H
5   Gold Luck          5    2/1     2/2Q    3/2     3/1H     3/1Q
8   Attitude Annie     8    1@/1    1/2Q    1/1     1/1      4/3H
3   Stacey Sweetz      3    3/3     3/4H    4/4     5/4H     5/3H
6   Too Reel           6    9/9H    10/16   10/12   9/11     6/4H
2   Her Odyssey        2    4/5     5/8     7/7Q    8/9Q     7/5T
7   Victorias Song     7    10/11H  8@/11T  6@/7    6/6Q     8/6H
10  Nobodys Girl       10   6@/7    4/6Q    2@/1    2/1      X9/7
4   J N Lotja          4    7/8     9/13T   9@/9H   10/17    10/13
Time: :29, :58.3, 1:28, 1:58.3 (Temperature: 18 Condition: FT)

June 20 - NG goes tough mile, finishes 4th

Nobodys Girl finished fourth, probably beaten 5 lengths in 1:59.3 at Clinton Raceway. She left on top, then settled for the two hole around the first turn. The favorite, Jess Siree, flew up on the outside to get the lead just past the 1/4 (29.4), relegating NG to the 3-hole. Then, just before the half, Wesgate Gem pulled first-over and NG was boxed.

They reached the half in 100.1, the 3/4's in 130.1. On the final turn, NG came out three wide - losing ground in the process, and despite interference in the stretch, passed Gotta Like Me to get fourth. The last quarter went in 29.2.

June 12 - NG a strong 2nd!

Out of the 8 hole, she was on top and at the wood before the first turn. Tassagh came on to get the lead just after the 28.1 quarter, and NG sat the two-hole. The favourite, Rough Tough (a colt), circled up past the half in 59.2. Nobodys Girl came out of the three hole down the backstretch just before the 3/4's - reached in 1:28 flat. She kept digging down the lane, and closed to within 1/2 length of Rough Tough in the mile - in 1:57.4f.

June 5 - NG goes the gritty mile to break her maiden!

Nobody Wins!

At Kawartha Downs tonight Webb left out of the 7-hole, and got 1/2 way round the first turn before tucking her in fourth to a 28.3 quarter. She was went first-over just before the 1:00.3 half and was parked to the 1:30 third quarter. But she kept digging and put away the leader at the top of the lane. Others were coming and she actually got headed half-way down the lane before Webb got into her, and she responded by coming back on in the final strides to win it by a nose in 2:00.3. A very positive effort.

May 24 - NG cuts the mile but breaks

Nobodys Girl finished 7th. She cut the mile over a terribly sloppy track and would have been 4th or 5th but stepped in a hole and broke stride in mid-stretch.

May 1999 - NG finally races, breaks, re-qualifies

Nobodys Girl was travelling along well, sitting in the 2-hole in her 3yo debut at Flamboro Downs. After sitting the "pocket" through fractions of :28.4; 1:00; 1:31, NG made an inexplicable break in stride, and finished last.

On the 15th, Nobodys Girl finished second in a qualifier at Kawartha Downs - her own time in 1:59.3 with fractions of 28.2, 1:00, 1:29, 1:59; she was second by three lengths (1:59.3).

March 25, 1999 - NG training well will be racing soon

Nobodys Girl has been training back very well, and is being aimed for a mid-April return to the races. She has completely recovered from her OCD surgery of last fall, and has not shown any indicators of the allergies that plagued her last year.

October - Nobodys Girl Gets Quarter Crack

On October 1st, Nobodys Girl raced at Kawartha Downs, but broke stride just before the 3/4's. Following the race, she was found to have a "quartercrack" (split in the hoof).

Given that NG has suffered through allergies, a virus and assorted other minor set-backs, strong consideration is being given to turning her out for the year, and getting her into top shape for a 3-year-old kick at the can.

August 13th - NG qualifies again

Nobody's Girl left sharply, and was on the lead well into the turn, parking a 3-year-old in the process. Once that one cleared, it backed the second quarter (33 seconds). Down the backside to the 3/4's, the 6-horse "pushed" the pace, but could not clear, and just before the 3/4's, Webb had pulled NG behind the 6 - when that horse faltered, Webb pulled NG three-wide.

This was all new territory for NG, and in her "green-ness", she came off the turn very wide indeed. She held her own down the lane - being passed by a 3yo Cam Fella, and Rightful Place, a brother to Rambaran.

In summary - she left, got doubled-up, went three-wide, and held her own in the lane. Her knees are good, the ankle is good, her breathing is improving, she never put in mis-steps, never hit herself anywhere, and raring to go after the race.

July 25th - She qualifies!

NG was put behind the gate for her first qualifier, and paced her mile in 2:05f at Kawartha Downs. More qualifying to come.

June 7th - Set Back

After a visit with the doctor it has been decided that NG's knees are still too immature to risk allowing her to go much faster. We will now be looking toward a late-summer debut.

June 1st - Moving right along

Nobody's Girl has been trained in 2:07 on the farm track, and still is exhibiting a desire to go on. Her knees are nearly closed, and the plan is to take her to Kawartha Downs for continued speed training, before hopefully qualifying later this month.

March 15th - Slow miles to continue

Nobody's Girl is a clean-legged, extremely good-gaited filly. A little on the small side, she has a great attitude, loves her work, and goes about her business in a most professional manner. Although she was trained in 2:35 by early February, Ken has backed off (2:40 - 2:50) since then, after her knees were x-rayed and found to be wide open.

Whitby, Ontario, Canada
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