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Pensive Princess Beach Guest
On the left we have the very precocious speedster, Pensive Princess. On the right is our real sweetheart, the mild mannered, but quite talented, Beach Guest.
The photos are courtesy of Ken Hornick of the Ontario Jockey Club. Their website has feature stories, barn notes, live audio and video, driver and trainer stats, overnights, more.

Here is a Beach Guest head shot and an early morning shot on the track. You can recognize her by the one white hoof. She is driven by James 'Friday' Dean, son of Cyberstablers Robert and Marion Dean. Check out our other human members! We actually have some fine lines!

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Mary and Friday


Queen of Country Queen of Country We now have 2 short (11 second) clips of QoC cavorting. Thanks to Phil Shapiro and Multimedia Explorations; consider his great work for your web video needs!

First we offer this crisp video of the Queen romping. Beware!! It requires a quicktime viewer, is large (3.7 meg = about 20 minutes at 56K to download) and does not stream; the whole file downloads before you see it.

We also have the same clip as a Real Video. This one is smaller (300K), streams so that it will start up after a few seconds, but is not as crisp as the quicktime (requires RealPlayer - make sure you get the free version). But it is so much faster you might find it satisfies your curiousity until you find the time to download the larger one. And, remember, once downloaded it is on your machine and will load immediately.

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